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Click here to download a donation form for our School Uniform Project.

Finances donated to this project go directly to pay for making the uniforms. Consequently employment is created for the local community and children can attend school as they have uniforms.

An annual donation of 10 provides a well made uniform for a child, together with pencils and an exercise book each year.

What EWA does:

Gives locally made desks to schools as many children have to sit on the floor

Provides urgently needed teacher training

Gives a uniform to children whose parents/carers cannot afford one

Giving children their uniforms:

Primary education in Sierra Leone is free. However, all pupils must have a uniform before they can start school.  Unfortunately, too many parents are not able to pay for a uniform due to their poverty, often as a result of the 11 year
civil war and the Ebola crisis.  Around the fringes of many schools are children looking at what's going on, but are not able to join in.

At present EWA is working in Sierra Leone as it is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Providing employment for local folks:

EWA’s school uniform project provides funds to pay local tailors/seamstresses to make uniforms for these children. EWA works closely with headteachers who identify the children who need the uniforms. Funds from EWA are paid directly to local tailors/seamstresses who make the uniforms for the school.

How you can help:

‘We listen through the bars to the lesson inside. We WISH we had uniforms so we could go to school here in Makeni, and learn’.

All donations to EWA provide work for local people and vital resources free to children and schools.

‘My name is Michealla, I live in Kenema, Sierra Leone and I make uniforms for the school here’.

No uniform ...
            no school!

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