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Education West Africa - News from 2016

November 2016

Chris Page and Eloise Neathey will be running the Brooks Brighton 10K on 20th November to raise money for Education West Africa!  If you would like to support them you can make a donation by visiting their Just Giving page.

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July 2016

Education West Africa - Brooks Brighton 10K - 20th November 2016

A special ‘thank you' to two young girls, Rosie and Maggie.  Rosie has now collected 117.80 plus 200 from her swim with ‘Grandma’ and Maggie was so inspired by the stories of schools in Sierra Leone that she climbed Mount Snowdon and raised 165.00.  All this money will go towards SLC School Zimmi where rebuilding work has started.  Thank you Maggie and Rosie!

Education West Africa - Zimmi Foundation Laying - July 2016 Education West Africa - Zimmi Foundation Laying - July 2016 Education West Africa - Zimmi Foundation Laying - July 2016 Education West Africa - Zimmi Foundation Laying - July 2016

Above from left to right: SLC Zimmi Foundation Laying, Pupils of SLC Zimmi in joyful mood to gather stones, Bishop observing the lay out, Bishop observing materials.

1st May 2016

Wow, we did it!

Special congratulations to Rosie, who did really well!  If you have already sent us your contribution, very many thanks to you!  If you haven’t, you can either:

Send a cheque to Education West Africa at: 3, Anchor Cottages, High Street, ANGMERING , W.Sussex, BN16 4 AG

Or give through ‘JustGiving’ (please see link at the foot of this page).

If you pay tax, we can send you a Gift Aid form through which you can get tax relief and EWA gets 25% on top of your contribution!

At the moment I cannot download the photos, but will do so as soon as I can - and thank you again so much for your support!

Very best wishes,


April 2016
Help us to rebuild Zimmi Primary School?

Zimmi is a school in Sierra Leone on the border of Liberia. It was badly damaged during the Ebola Crisis when there were ‘lock-downs’, floods and vandalism (see photos in the news story below). Now the children have nowhere to go to learn!


Rosie and her grandma Penelope are going to swim 50 lengths each at David Lloyd Sports Club in Worthing on April 30th!

Please sponsor one or both of us.

Thank you!

(Click here to download a sponsor form)

April 2016

Education West Africa - Sponsored Swim April 2016
Education West Africa - Sponsored Bike Ride - April 2016

Summer is a year six pupil at West Dean CE School in West Sussex. She got to hear about Sierra Leone, the difficulties that country faces and also about Education West Africa. She felt a great need to do something about it herself so she undertook to do a sponsored ‘bike ride’ from Lavant to the village of Singleton.

 She organised the sponsorship herself, put on her helmet and set off!  Having got to Singleton, she then decided to cycle back to Fishbourne!

EWA knew nothing about this until we heard from another parent about what she had done. She actually raised 69.42! So, well done Summer especially for thinking of others and THANK YOU!

Here she is arriving in Singleton

March 2016


Following a conference in London led by Sierra Leone ‘ex pats' last year, EWA realised the great need for further teacher and head teacher professional development.
In March 2016 Rod and Penelope returned to Sierra Leone in order to host the very first Headteacher’s Conference in Bo. With them went Peter Boole who was in charge of funds,  photography and recordings.

Education West Africa - March 2016 Conference

EWA had brought document wallets, labels and pens. Edward Luseni, Diocesan Education Secretary, had provided a flip chart, notebooks and agendas for participants,  plus evaluation sheets for all.
The conference took place near the cathedral in the large ‘Bishop Gbonda Memorial Hall’.
All meals were to be provided by Sarah Luseni and her team.
Out of a possible 67 headteachers some 63 attended. Edward had also found accommodation in a guest house for those who had travelled to Bo from a distance.
Travel, accommodation, food and all sundries had been paid for by EWA.

The formal opening was made by Rt Revd EJS Tucker Bishop of Bo.

He expressed his appreciation for the headteachers’ and principals’ high turn out for the conference organised by the EWA team and Education Secretary. He told all participants that “education is better than silver and gold”, he exhorted the headteachers and principals to work relentlessly to achieve this goal and add quality to it.” Furthermore he admonished  participants to love their job and therefore help improve the education efforts within the diocese adding “those who do not love their job always produce sub-standard pupils and watered down education”. Quote from Horace Kpulumel, Secretary for the conference.

Click here to read the full Conference Report for Trustees.

January 2016

Many schools were damaged during the Ebola Crisis due to the fact that there were so many ‘lock-downs’. Nobody could leave their homes or visit the buildings. Zimmi is about the worst and the children are supposed to be working in it now! Fortunately it is the dry season at present (January), but from May on the children will be exposed to the rains. Some very kind people have already given us some funds, but we need a lot more for a proper rebuild. I am unashamedly asking for everyone’s help - even if it is just a few pounds! They are in such desperate need. We are returning to Sierra Leone at the beginning of March, so you have time to donate!

I will keep you all ‘posted’ with progress.

Thank you.'

Penelope (Chair)’.

Education West Africa - Zimmi - January 2016 Education West Africa - Zimmi - January 2016

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