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Education West Africa - Ebola Update - October 2015

October 2015
Post-Ebola Update

Click here to read our Post-Ebola update.

August 2015
Alisha and Ben helping children in Sierra Leone

August 2015 found Alisha and Ben on holiday with their families in the Loire Valley, France.  They were staying with Rod and Penelope just in time to enjoy their plums. Ben really wanted to learn how to make jam, especially when they heard that Penelope sells her home made jam for EWA to help children in Sierra Leone.

1. First they picked the plums
2 . Then they stoned them
3. Followed by cooking the plums with some sugar
4. Grandma helped putting the jam into pots   
5.  And finally - the plum jam!

Thank you Alisha and Ben - the jam tastes wonderful!

Children in Sierra Leone will benefit from the sale of the jam.

Education West Africa - August 2015 Education West Africa - August 2015 Education West Africa - August 2015 Education West Africa - August 2015

12th April 2015
Walking the Bridges

On 12th April some 30 people walked the 12 bridges of London for EWA. We are so grateful to them all as they raised over 1000 for the schools in Sierra Leone who are in so much need after the dreadful Ebola crisis.

They are:
Sue Tabberer, Joe Tabberer, David King, Danuta Foster, David and Liz Martin, Adele Abbot and daughter Wendy, Sally and Steve Shaw, Lucy McKenzie, Liesl Anderson, Meredith Cramer, Jacqui Bermingham, Veronica and Tony Mitchell, Chris and John Barnes, Richard D'Silva, Judith Williams, Dan Payne and friends Laurence and Liz, Ali and Martin Littleboy and Ros and Peter Allwood!

Thank you everyone!

Education West Africa - 12th April 2015 - Walkers at the start
Education West Africa - 12th April 2015 - Walkers on the Milennium Bridge

12th April 2015
Fundraising Walk

'Ros Allwood and a group of some 30 people from the Pulborough area will be undertaking a fundraising walk over the London bridges on 12th April for EWA. If you would like to support her and her friends please send money through ‘JustGiving’ to Education West Africa - we need all the money we can get to help the schools there. Schools were expected to re-open after 10 months closure on 30th March - now that has been delayed until April 14. Added to that, many teachers have died due to the crisis so we will need to help them with teacher training.
Please give as much as you can.’

Best wishes for a lovely Easter


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