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4th December 2014
Sponsored Swim!

On December 4th Penelope Sharman, chair of EWA, celebrated her 70th birthday by successfully completing a sponsored swim consisting of a very impressive 70 lengths of the pool at David Lloyd Sports!  Over 2,500 has been raised so far and it is not too late to download a sponsor form by clicking here.
A message from Penelope appears below.

Education West Africa Sponsored Swim 4th December 2014

Penelope part-way through her marathon swim.

Education West Africa Sponsored Swim 4th December 2014

..... and after successfully completing the 70th length!.

Education West Africa - Please help us keep safe!

“Thank you SO much to those who have already contributed to my appeal and I wait with open arms for the promised funds from others! If you want your contribution to be gift aided, we will send you the appropriate form. To date over 2,500 has been raised. Thank you again, you will make such a difference to our brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone.The funds will go to the people who cannot buy food because of the lock downs, no farming, no markets etc.”    

“Please help us keep safe!”

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30th October 2014
Penelope interviewed on BBC Sussex

Penelope was interviewed live this morning by Danny Pike on the Breakfast Show on BBC Sussex and talked about the work EWA have been doing in Sierra Leone and the current situation in that country as the people struggle to cope with the effects of the Ebola crisis.  The whole programme can be heard on BBC iPlayer until 5th November - click here to go to the iPlayer programme link (the interview starts at 2hr 41min) or you can click here to hear just the interview.  More information on our Ebola appeal, including details of how you can make a donation can be found by clicking here.

BBC Sussex

October 2014
Update on EWA and the Ebola Crisis in Sierra Leone

People in the UK have been amazingly generous since EWA changed the focus for support in September.

8,000 has been raised through many different avenues and has been sent over to our colleagues in Sierra Leone.

The funds have been spent on buckets, soap, sanitiser and chlorine. As the problems of the increasingly frequent ‘lock downs’ have come about, sacks of rice have been bought and shared out.

Edward Luseni (Education Secretary for Bo) has forwarded onto us some of the letters of gratitude he has received from the Education Secretary and headteachers and here is an extract of his summary of the current situation:

“Commenting on the life style at present, I would start by saying that every Sierra Leonean is distressed, frustrated and uncertain of his or her survival.”

“Movement from one place to another is very difficult, except if you obtain a ‘pass’. Also, people fear when travelling in public vehicles not to come in contact with an affected person. Villagers fear to come to Bo to avoid being tested. As a result, things are very difficult more in the villages now. Farming activities have come to a stop since some communities are quarantined for over twenty-one days. Their farms are left in the hands of birds and rodents.”

As I have been saying, the food crisis is getting serious and the prices of all commodities, both local and imported, increase on a daily basis. Every family is being distressed because of the constant escalation of prices. In some homes people go with out food, or live on ordinary dry rice without sauce. Our church members and teachers are in the same category. They were over excited when I called them to come and receive some rice from EWA. That is manifested from the pictures which the head teachers have sent to you. You will soon receive others from Moyamba, Pujehun and Kenema. May God bless you and all those who jointly worked with you to raise these funds.”

“It was frustrating during the three days lock down that nobody was allowed to go to church or mosques for congregational prayers. Both Christians and Muslims appealed to the government not to deprive them from going to their worship places. But the government did not adhere to it. Instead, they made an announcement for people to pray in their individual homes. Until now, Pujehun District has been quarantined and deprived of going to neither church nor mosques. Similar situations are occurring in other districts. Bo District is a bit better because we are allowed to keep very short services on Sundays.

Ebola appeal - Education West Africa

September 2014

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