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May 2013

This is Julia.  She runs  a great cafe in Findon called ’Julia's Kitchen’ and is supporting EWA by selling jewellery and carvings brought back from Sierra Leone!

Thank you to Julia and all her customers!

(The cakes are jolly good too!).

16th - 26th February 2013
Visit to Sierra Leone

This was a school links visit taking three teachers to visit their link schools.  However, Edward Luseni (Education Secretary for Bo) had some good news for us and we were taken to the village of Lein.  Here there was no school and the children had to learn in the ‘Courtbarrie’ - the meeting place in the center of the village.  The children were desperate to learn, but had no teacher, school building, desks or uniforms.

Edward decided to use EWA funds to give all the children uniforms and to provide desks for them to work at.  He also found a teacher.  When we arrived the whole village was ready to party!

(iPad users please note: tap on bottom right of video frame before playing for best results)

As a result of some of your funds going to Lein the school now has a teacher, an almost finished school building and children learning.  Not only that, the carpenter has more work and so has the tailor!

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