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Education West Africa - News from 2012

Retirement of
Mike Wilson

Mike retired as Director of Education for the Diocese of Chichester in 2012. In that role, he and his Schools Team colleagues were enthused from the start by the child centred work of Education West Africa. That is why they arranged for money given by C of E schools across Sussex at each of the annual school leavers' celebrations to be donated to EWA. He strongly supports the important practical support provided by EWA to schools in the Bo and Freetown dioceses in order to improve the educational opportunities available to local children.

September 2012
Visit to the UK of
Edward Luseni,
Education Secretary
of Bo, Sierra Leone

At a fundraising event organised by Linda Rudd (left).

Visit to Bishop Tufnell Infant CE School with the headteacher, Rosemary Appleby.

May 2012
Penelope takes to the skies at Shoreham Airport!

Attending a trustees meeting.

'Don't put your foot through the wing please, Penelope!'

Originally the flight was a birthday present from her husband Rod. When enquiring at the 'Real Flying Company’ what it entailed, she was told that she would take over the controls for a little while (after instructions) and she could also do ’Loop the Loop’! "No way" she said. However, on the way to the supermarket she changed her mind, swallowed hard and decided to have a go and ask people to sponsor her for Education West Africa.

Not only did she do the 'Loop', but a 'Victory Roll' and 'Barrel Roll' as well - and the money is rolling in!

Thanks to all those who supported her!

(in the cockpit) - 'chocks away'

My certificate!!'

Safely down - 'Neil, I want to do it again!'

Sponsored walk raises
over 2,600 for
one of our link schools!

One of our supporters, John Denison, walked for over a week to celebrate his 70th birthday recently, raising over 2,600 for the link school to St Mary’s, Pulborough, i.e. SLC Lower School, Kenema.

John Denison

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