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November 2011
Trustees trip to Sierra Leone

John Denison, Sierra Leone, November 2011

John Denison joined four of us on our trip to Sierra Leone in November.  Here are just a few of our experiences:

John presenting gifts to the headteachers at SLC Lower School, Kenema.

Prince Dakawa, one of the headteachers, thanking John for his tremendous support.

The children of Holy Trinity, Freetown singing to us.

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John Denison preparing to visit Kenema Schools, November 2011.

 These Freetown children are in desperate need
of strong new furniture.

Visiting Nyandeyema School
They need a new building as the existing one is insecure and has to be cleared of unpleasant rubbish each morning before school starts.

Old desks at Christchurch Primary School .......

..... and the new desks!.

Viv Earwicker at Blama carpenter’s workshop.

John Earwicker with children in the courtyard of Christchurch Primary School..


The trustees visiting Nyandeyema School.

New desks being used in Blama.

Checking new uniforms

The tailors who make the uniforms in Bo.

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